Name- Regart

Race- Dragonborn

Class- Paladin

Stats- STR 19 CON 13 DEX 11 INT 10 WIS 13 CHA 16


Blue skin, yellow eyes; his armor is always exquisitely polished and weapons masterfully sharpened. He is very neat, clean, polite, and courteous.

He is honorable, Trustworthy, Judicious, Proud, Courteous, and Chivalrous


Regart was abandoned as a hatchling, left at a temple of Bahamut. He wholeheartedly believes that he is a direct descendant (if not the actual offspring) of Bahamut. The priests and clerics versed him well in their doctrine and trained him in combat to aid him in advancing the faith amongst the non-believers. Regart quickly became a zealous warrior, totally devoted to his patron deity. He now travels wherever the will of Bahamut takes him, to bring light to those living in darkness, and to smite those who bring the darkness; and ultimately, to find his mother and proof of his godly lineage. A letter accompanying the hatchling seemed to hint that his mother was a druid, race: unknown


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