house rules

As always, there are some house rules, partly because everyone needs a little flexibility but more importantly, the broke 4e rules need some help.

1. This is an RPG not a miniature game, so all those rules about squares should be converted to feet and some imagination applied (a 4 square burst= 20ft. radius, but your spell might not be a perfect circle, as long as it occupies the same amount of space).

2. For situational awareness, figurines will be used, not necessarily to scale, just so you have an idea of what your character will do, and to keep track of relative positions.

3. When you make camp at night, your group is considered to do all the common tasks required (i.e. make a fire, unsaddle horses) special tasks such as laying string with bells or animal snares requires input.

4.Monks suck and will always suck.

house rules

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