Phae Rosettie

fer shizzle ma nizzle rogue son!


20 yrs, 5’9” and 155 lbs, Good.


Childhood friend blamed her for an incident and got her kicked out of the elven society. She lived on the streets for years, gaining trickery and stealth by stealing all kinds of neat stuff. However, she left her people before she could be taught a lot of the cool Elf tricks, so she only knows the basics of the race, the abilities that they are born with. I’d like her to become reconciled with her people eventually and find some way of furthering her elven skills.

Reserved around strangers unless you’ve proven yourself a true friend, skeptical, impatient, pessimistic, vengeful, loyal, stay in the background and observe. When you observe others, it’s easier to catch the things that others miss—and easier to steal when people aren’t looking.

Phae Rosettie

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