Planar Adventure

OK, this will be a 4e attempt at awesomeness. for updates click on the tabs above (home, wiki, NPC tracker, etc.) for updates as they come. Broken links are in red which means I’m too lazy to fill in that info

Once we get the initial gaming session out of the way, play will continue on the Myth-weavers website. All the Base information can be found on this site, but the actual playing will be done on that site, since this one is lacking in that area.

This story will center around an unlikely group of heroes who meet in less-than-perfect conditions and stuff. The starting world will put you on the Continent of Nimmonah.. The main map is posted under the maps section. You can go to the Wiki section and the NPC tracker for a little more info on the people and places such as Gill the Innkeeper who will be available at times for information as well as a place to stay and Other planes for info on the rest of the universe.



house rules


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